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Welcome to Meineke(Germany) Chemical GMBH

Meineke (Germany) Chemical GMBH is one of the world's most professional manufacturers for antiseptic & mouldproof series product. We provide you solution to preservative products for free. Over years of development, We are working hard to import world's best technology to China, and focus on China high-quality product development. We combined with the Chinese local market to the international development. We help our customers test their products so that to decrease their risk. 

--------- MEINEKE in China 

From 2014, Meineke started its sales experience in China, we have been offered effective and safe disinfectant solution to customers in the field of home furnishing, personal care and environment, in order to protect health of our consumers and their family. These disinfection products include Home Furnishing disinfectant and industry disinfection. 

We provide best-in-class products, service and knowledge to our customers, including: 

Process Preservation Chemistries. 

Formulation Expertise. 

Preservation and Dry Film Fungicides. 

Water Treatment Chemistries. 

Sanitizing and Disinfection Chemistries. 

Regulatory and Toxicology Research Expertise. 

Unmatched understanding and anticipation of the needs and processes of your market, industry and applications High performing and technically supported portfolio of globally supported microbial control actives, products and technologies.

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